Internet or Computer Problems?

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Whatever the problem, I can solve it for you.

If you can’t access your email, if your computer wont turn on, or if you keep getting redirected to some weird search engine, help is at hand.

You probably rely on your computers and the Internet a lot. If you have to manage without it for even a few hours it can feel like you’ve lost the use of an arm!

Fortunately, with over twenty years experience in the changing world of computers, I have come across most problems before and will be able to get your computer working properly again, quickly and without fuss.

I am based in West Bridgford so I am probably local to you. You will get a friendly, jargon free experience.

For new customers I offer a free diagnostic over the phone and if you want me to visit to look at the problem in person, then the first half an hour is free.

To get your computer problem solved call me today on 0115 822 4546 or fill in the short form below. I will call you as soon as possible and you can tell me about your computer problem.

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I provide technical support for computer problems like

  • Computer wont switch on or off
  • Can’t access the Internet
  • Email not working
  • Unable to run a program
  • Errors when you turn on, or off
  • Virus, Spyware or Malware
  • Computer running slow or locking up
  • Blue screen errors
  • Wireless network problems
  • Slow Internet
  • Problems accessing on-line accounts
  • Help with desktop, laptop, tablet and phone problems
  • Available on Windows, Mac or Linux based computers
  • Training and support

You can also ask me to help with setting up your new computer and transferring everything on to it from your old one. If you need to sort out your backups I can help with that too. If you would like your own domain name, website or email address then I can get you up and running with that in no time at all.

To discuss your computer problem and how I can solve it for you call me today on 0115 822 4546